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The Game Developers Conference (GDC) is an annual conference for professionals in the video game industry. It was first held in 1988 in the living room of game designer Chris Crawford, and has since grown to become one of the largest and most influential events in the industry.

The first GDC was a small gathering of about 25 developers who shared their experiences and ideas about game development. Over time, the conference grew in size and importance, attracting more attendees and expanding its focus to cover a wide range of topics related to game development, including programming, design, audio, art, and business.

In 1995, GDC introduced the Game Developers Choice Awards, which are still a major part of the conference today. The awards recognize outstanding achievements in game development across a range of categories, including Best Game Design, Best Visual Art, and Best Technology.

Over the years, GDC has played host to a number of important announcements and industry milestones. In 2000, for example, Sony announced the PlayStation 2 at the conference, which went on to become one of the best-selling consoles of all time. And in 2013, Valve announced the launch of SteamOS, a Linux-based operating system designed for gaming.

GDC has also played an important role in the growth of indie game development, with many of today's most successful indie developers getting their start at the conference. The Indie Megabooth, which showcases the work of indie developers, has become one of the most popular attractions at the conference.

Today, GDC attracts thousands of developers, publishers, and industry professionals from around the world. It is held annually in San Francisco, and has become a must-attend event for anyone looking to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in the video game industry.


Why GDC important to game developers

GDC provides a platform for game developers to network, learn, and showcase their latest games, technologies, and ideas. The event brings together professionals from all facets of the gaming industry, including game designers, programmers, artists, writers, and audio professionals, among others.

It also provides an opportunity for developers to learn about the latest industry trends, technologies, and best practices. Attendees can attend talks, workshops, and panels led by experts in their respective fields, where they can gain insights into new game development tools, techniques, and strategies.

Another significant aspect of GDC is the Expo, where developers can showcase their latest games and technologies to an audience of industry professionals and gamers alike. This can help them generate buzz for their upcoming releases, gather feedback on their games, and potentially secure deals with publishers or investors.

The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in 2020 and 2021. In 2020, GDC was postponed to August due to health and safety concerns related to the pandemic. However, as the situation worsened, the organizers ultimately decided to cancel the in-person event altogether and replaced it with a virtual event called GDC Summer.

In 2021, GDC again faced challenges due to the ongoing pandemic. The event was initially planned as a hybrid format with both in-person and virtual components, but in the end, it was held completely virtually due to rising COVID-19 cases and travel restrictions.

The shift to a virtual format had a significant impact on the conference experience for attendees. While the virtual platform allowed for greater accessibility and a wider audience reach, many missed the in-person networking opportunities and the ability to see and experience new technology and games firsthand. The virtual format also required a significant adaptation for organizers, speakers, and exhibitors, who had to find new ways to engage attendees and deliver content effectively in a digital format.


Good Games in 2023 GDC

As the Game Developers Conference 2023 in San Francisco brought together thousands of developers, it also showcased some excellent games worth checking out. In addition to attending press conferences and talks, there were plenty of opportunities to get hands-on with intriguing indie games. There is much to be excited about, and we have gathered our favorites (in no particular order) here. These games are due to be released later in 2023, so plan your free time accordingly. (, Andrew&Ash)

Fae Farm

Fae Farm is a game that seeks to bring a new twist to the cozy game genre by adding dungeon crawling elements. The game, which has a similar feel to Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon, features magical elements in addition to the standard farming activities such as planting crops, fishing, and going on dates. Players will receive quests that require them to explore dungeons in a fairy world, where they must find magic keys and battle enemies like sentient violins. Although not a particularly original concept, the demo I played revealed an adorable game with plenty of content. Additionally, the game boasts a robust character creation system and a coziness feature that allows players to design the perfect hygge home. Fae Farm will be released later this year on the Switch and will support co-op play for up to four players.

Cart Life

A game called Cart Life once won the grand prize at the Independent Games Festival, but it disappeared from Steam and its developer, Richard Hofmeier, left the games industry altogether. Now, after partnering with Adhoc Studio, Hofmeier has finished and published the game, giving it a second chance. Cart Life has players experiencing the lives of three different people who are struggling to make it as street vendors. Players can take on the role of a Ukrainian immigrant who takes over a newsstand, trying to make enough money to stay in a rundown hotel with his cat. Cart Life's gameplay is used as an empathy tool, much like Papers, Please or What Remains of Edith Finch, and it's remarkably effective. The game captures the drudgery of perfectly folding and stacking newspapers and the stress of seeing the line get longer as you try to cash out customers as quickly as possible, making the player feel like they are truly in the character's shoes.

A Highland Song

Inkle, a game development studio known for its narrative-driven games, is branching out with its upcoming release, A Highland Song. While their previous titles, such as 80 Days and Heaven's Vault, focused on narratives, this new game takes a different approach. A Highland Song is a 2D side-scrolling game that follows a young girl exploring the Scottish Highlands. Players will have the freedom to make choices and select different paths through the mountains, similar to Inkle's other games. However, A Highland Song also includes elements such as a simple survival system where players must stay warm and dry and find shelter at night. Additionally, it features rhythm game mechanics where players must race across the landscape in time with the music.


Naiad offers a calming and relaxing experience where players assume the role of a tiny water nymph exploring a peaceful lake and accomplishing small tasks along the way. The movements are seamless, and the mere act of swimming around feels satisfying. Although there are some environmental challenges to solve, the game doesn't force them on players and instead allows them to explore and make discoveries at their own pace without any checklists or guides. During my brief playthrough, I assisted some ducks and helped a frog return to its lily pad, and the whole experience was incredibly laid back. Naiad will be released on PC and consoles later this year.

The Wandering Village

The Wandering Village, currently available on Steam as an early access title, is a city-building game that follows a familiar formula. You gather resources, construct and improve your town, and try to maintain a balance between your population's needs. The unique aspect of the game is that you're constructing your city on a colossal, wandering creature's back. This isn't simply a cosmetic choice, as the creature roams through various terrains and environments, which affects the gameplay. For example, during a demo of the Xbox version, the creature moved into a toxic forest, prompting me to hurry and prevent the spores from contaminating my crops and other plants. It's a refreshing twist on a conventional genre, and it's also incredibly well-suited to an Xbox gamepad.


Venba is more than just a cooking game. Instead, it also focuses on the story of Venba and her family as they try to adjust to their new life in Canada while still holding on to their cultural heritage. To help them do this, you must use your intuition and cooking skills to repair a damaged family recipe book. The game's intuitive but challenging design and rich art make it an engaging experience, and failing to create a dish in the demo helped me understand the uniqueness of each recipe and what makes them special. For example, even though idli is a relatively simple dish, the way Venba and her family make it is what sets it apart. Venba will be released on Steam and Switch later this year.

El Paso Elsewhere

Strange Scaffold’s latest title, El Paso Elsewhere, pays tribute to Max Payne’s iconic slow-motion shooting dive. The third-person noir shooter takes place in a rundown motel infested with supernatural creatures, and your goal is to stop your vampire ex-girlfriend from destroying the world. You can either approach the game as a straightforward run and gun or take advantage of the slow-down feature that lets you dive and shoot like Neo in The Matrix. However, the game is more than just a love letter to games like LA Noire. It features a beautifully haunting tale of love, loss, and redemption with impressive cinematography and a soundtrack by the founder of Strange Scaffold, Xalavier Nelson Jr. El Paso Elsewhere is set to release on PC later this year.


Ace of Lightpaw - Furry Tales

Furry Tales is a unique Idle RPG, themed with animals and crafted with delicate artwork:

1. The theme and game story: Furry Tales is an animal-themed Idle RPG. Players can enjoy the gameplay with more than 200 adorable animal heroes, classified by 5 Classes and 6 Factions. The animals in our game are crafted with exquisite 3D cartoon style artwork design, allowing players to enjoy their adventure and exploration with joy and delight.

2. Creative slot-like AFK gameplay: our Treasure Hunt feature is a slot-like AFK setting. Besides regular rewards, players can have fun with tasks like Quizs, merchant and the chest rewards. We believe that from the Treasure Hunt, players can not only get items they need for the hero summon or cultivation, but enjoy the fun of random rewards, making the idle gameplay filled with expectations.

3. Innovative Dragon System: For long-term players' experience, we have designed an innovative dragon system combined with the game story. The dragon system can not only empower players' hero team, but encourage players to explore and unlock more of the land, making them more adventurer-like.